Lads World Cup Day in London, England

May 23, 2014

Putt in the Park at Wandsworth

Putt in the Park at Wandsworth

Right lads, here’s the plan for the day!! Please feel free to print out and add any suggestions to the Facebook Page please. I’ll be gradually updating this as the day nears closer.

Date – SATURDAY 14TH JUNE 2014
Location – London, ENGLAND
Event – Lads World Cup Pub Crawl, Crazy Golf and Banter
Start time – 10.30 am onwards
Dress Code – You have to wear SOMETHING related to football (doesn’t have to be a football shirt)
** You MUST bring one item on the day related to the WORLD CUP. Failure to do this and you’ll have to BUY one item during the crawl of forfeit your right to a sticker album.
Matches that day:
5pm – Colombia v. Greece
8pm – Uruguay v. Costa Rica
11pm – England v. Italy
2am – Ivory Coast v. Japan
(guess what – we’re watching them ALL in pubs – amazing!! That’s 360 minutes of football plus injury time, half times, national anthems etc. – over 450 minutes in total!)

Soccer City, Johannesberg, South Africa

Soccer City, Johannesberg, South Africa

Timetable for the day:

10.30 am – Those staying in the hostel, check into Dover Castle hostel (if room not ready, drop off bags and valuables). If we really have to we will return at 2pm when the room is ready and leave our stuff in the room and claim our FREE pint as guests. Those not staying there will need to buy their own drink.
Address and website , nearest tube station is BOROUGH.

Dover Castle Hostel

6A Great Dover Street
London SE1 4XW
United Kingdom

Open 24 hours
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7403 7773

6 bed dorm booked in hostel for – Jonny, Richard, Chris, Lee, Neil, Austin. Jonny has paid the deposit already.
(Dan possibly sleeping on the floor in our room)

11am – COSTA coffee. Also in Borough and very close to the Dover Castle pub. Walk it. Every member of the crawl will be issued with a mini sticker album for the day and their COSTA RICA sticker providing they consume more than 50% of a coffee in there. Those who miss the coffee introduction will have to provide proof they had a Costa Coffee later in the day (a receipt or a “Facebooked selfie” will be the only acceptable proof. Saying “my mate definitely had a crappuccino in Costa” will not get you the sticker). Any coffee on the menu counts as your sticker, tea or orange juice are unacceptable. In Costa Jonny will film the rules being read out to the group to confirm everyone understands. This will be videoed as part of the documentary.

Address –

Costa Coffee

134-138 Borough High St
London SE1 1LB
United Kingdom
This screen grab has both the Dover Castle and Costa Coffee on it, either side of Borough tube:
Costa and Dover Castle

Costa and Dover Castle

12 Noon – First beer of the day in The Charlie Chaplin in Elephant and Castle which is ONE stop south on the tube, with its “elephant” link qualifying as IVORY COAST. If this is disputed (as it can be) then we will have to head to the actual Elephant and Castle pub, which is in Kensington.

The Charlie Chaplin

London SE1 6TJ
United Kingdom
In this pub, a vote will be done between GREEK restaurant, ITALIAN restaurant, URUGUAYAN restaurant and JAPANESE restaurant for lunch. ** options below

1pm Restaurant lunch The winner of the democratic vote is where we have lunch. The runner up will be the dinner option for the 7.30pm Uruguay v. Costa Rica match.

Straight after lunch a traditional English pub will be selected for the consumption of a fine ale and everyone will get their ENGLAND sticker. This is a spontaneous one. Any pub with an England link will do (given we’re in England, this will be easy) on route to Crazy Golf…if we don’t get the time, we all get our England sticker at the Crazy Golf. Details on how to win at Crazy Golf will be revealed and democratically voted in the previous pub. (e.g. every hole in one, that person gets bought a shot, any over 6 they buy a round etc. Any missing balls they forfeit a pint (i.e. go into a pub and not allowed to have a beer!))

2pm We head to the Crazy Golf, “Putt in the Park” at Wandsworth, I’ve booked 8 of us in from 2.30pm. Through my travel writing, I have managed to get us the 20% off our entire bill, including BEER, drinks and golf. If more turn up, we’ll just tell them and it should be fine, been in touch with the manager.

They have a bar there, if it’s any good we can hang around for Colombia v. Greece but I kind of wanted to be more central for the Uruguay v. Costa Rica match as the day’s biggest match England v. Italy gets closer. We’ll assess it on the day, but maybe after the golf, we head to a Greek restaurant…

Putt in the Park at Wandsworth

Putt in the Park at Wandsworth

4.30pm – We need to be in a decent bar by 4.30 pm to watch Colombia v. Greece which kicks off at 5pm.
That match finishes before 7pm, at which point we need another pub for the Uruguay match. An option is to find a Greek or Italian restaurant near the Jurassic Golf.

7.30 pm – We need to be in a decent bar by 7.30 pm to watch Uruguay v. Costa Rica. I was thinking Zoo Bar Uruguay for this one but it depends on the vote. I vote ZOO bar and we all get our URUGUAY stamp. Zoo Bar Uruguay, Leicester Square (where Uruguay fans go)

10 pm – Straight after the Uruguay match, the English lads can have their time. I’m Northern Irish so happy to watch the game anywhere the boys want. You choose the pub, the location, the country and maybe we can do a bet on the way.

1am – After celebrating England’s 3-0 win, a boring 1-1 draw or a fluke Italian 1-0 win, we head for a relaxing Japanese beer ready for the night’s final match at 2am.

3.45am – After that, I’d say bed could be the option. 4 matches, 2 days without sleep, 2 countries and an international flight, Jonny will be first to say goodnight! As long as I have completed my Panini album.


Yes lads, Jonny Blair, Neil Macey and Lock In Lee Adams are the three assigned adjudacators for the day and what they say, stands, unless an overwhelming majority can prove otherwise. Here are the main rules:

1. To qualify for a sticker you must consume more than 50% of your drink in the set venue.
2. No double stickers can be issued. It’s one each. You don’t get any awards for eating 3 pizzas or drinking 6 Uruguayan Merlots. They’re all just worth 1 per team.
3. Every person on the pub crawl needs to bring ONE random item related to the World Cup. In Costa Coffee, Neil Macey will be showing his random item first. After that it’s one per pub throughout the day, drawn from a hat.
4. If a person has to head off on their own to “complete a country” they missed, then a receipt or a “Facebooked selfie” will be the only acceptable proof. Saying “my mate definitely had a crappuccino in Costa” will not get you the sticker, neither will putting the barman on the phone “live” from the pub. I’ve met a fair amount of bullshitters in my time.
5. Either Jonny, Neil or Lee have to issue you with the sticker and feel you earned that COUNTRY. Any disputes will result in democratic vote. If still not solved, a pelanty shoot out between the two parties in the pub will be held.

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