My Work Experience

While these days I am a professional travel blogger, business backpacker and travel writer, I have a vast array of work experience across various fields. On this page I share every job I’ve ever had.

I have enjoyed almost every job I have had and indeed would say only Red Eventful Cuisine (Red Ineffective) are the only company I wouldn’t work for again. Through working hard and holding multiple jobs and income streams at the same time, I have found it easy to travel the world. I’m also not fussy about what jobs I do.

The lists below show the entire range of companies I’ve worked for, actual places I’ve worked and indeed other jobs whether they were voluntary or working for myself. Plus I’ve put the locations and job titles. I’ve worked in bars, offices, shops, theatres, conference centres, banks, schools, on boats, farms.

jonny blair business backpacker

The Business Backpacker – working at an Internations event in Hong Kong.

Types of Jobs I’ve had in my working career:

– Public Relations Assistant
– Travel Writer
– Barman
– Butcher
– Ferry Steward
– Farmer
– Banker
– Teacher
– Sales Representative
– Hotel Porter
– Online Travel Expert and Adviser
– Postman
– Shop Assistant
– Stock Controller
– Travel Writer
– Travel Itinerary Planner

 My ENTIRE Working Timeline (includes ALL type of work):

1990 – 1991 –  Writing and drawing a Glentoran Fanzine called “One Saturday Afternoon at the Oval”, Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND
1994 – 1996 – Writing for Northern Ireland fanzine Arconada…Armstrong!, Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND
1995 – Work Experience in the Belfast Telegraph Newspaper, Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND
1995 – 1997 – Serving tea and coffee to the elderly in a Nursing Home, Bangor, NORTHERN IRELAND
1997 – Work Experience in the BBC TV Studios, Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND
1997 – Work Experience in British Telecom’s PR Department, Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND
1997 – 2004 – Writing, editing, producing and selling the Northern Ireland football fanzine “Here We Go…Again” in Bangor and Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND
1998 – 2001 – Stock Control Assistant for Tesco (working in Tesco branches at Springhill and Bloomfield in Bangor; Knocknagoney and Connswater in Belfast; Holywood), NORTHERN IRELAND
2001 – Postman for Royal Mail, Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND
2001 – 2002 – Savings Sales Advisor for Halifax in Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND
2001 – 2002 – Barman in McMillen’s Bar, Bangor, NORTHERN IRELAND
2001 – Refreshments Kiosk at events at North Down Heritage Centre, Bangor, NORTHERN IRELAND
2001 – Delivering Phone Books in Bangor, NORTHERN IRELAND
2002 – Temporary Assistant at Anderson Manning Associates, Bangor, NORTHERN IRELAND
2002 – 2003 – Butcher, salad maker, till cashier and counter assistant at Steenson’s Food Centre, Bangor, NORTHERN IRELAND
2003 – 2006 – Cashier and Front End Assistant at Tesco, Branksome, Poole, ENGLAND
2003 – 2008 – Radio DJ for and Nerve FM, Bournemouth, ENGLAND
2004 – Barman at Heathlands Hotel, Bournemouth, ENGLAND
2004 – Union Crew and Welcome Guest for new students at Bournemouth University, ENGLAND
2004 – 2006 (and 2009) – Seasonal Seafront Assistant Worker, Bournemouth, ENGLAND
2005 – 2009 – Chairman and PR guru of South of England Northern Ireland Supporters Club
2006 – 2007 – Public Relations Assistant for Bite Communications, London, ENGLAND
2007 – 2012 – Writer on Blogspot of my first travel blog, Jonny Scott Blair – Don’t Stop Living
2007 – 2009 – General Assistant for Red Ineffective Cuisine, Bournemouth, ENGLAND
2008 – Ferry Steward for Wightlink, Lymington and Yarmouth, ENGLAND
2009 – Ferry Steward for Condor Ferries, Poole and Weymouth, ENGLAND and St. Malo and Cherbourg, FRANCE and GUERNSEY and JERSEY
2009 – 2011 – Writer for Northern Ireland football fanzine “Happy Days”
2009 – General Assistant for Kudos Catering Group
2009 – 2011 – Barman, Waiter and Stocking Assistant for PJ Gallagher’s Irish Pub, Parramatta, AUSTRALIA
2010 – Farming Worker for Work Direct, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA (this job alone had about 20 different jobs within it including weeding, planting, extracting and harvesting!)
2010 – Barman at PJ Gallagher’s Irish Pub, Drummoyne, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
2011 – Milking Cows in Santa Ana Alta, COLOMBIA
2011 – Barman at Delaney’s Irish Pub, Kowloon, HONG KONG
2011 – 2012 Primary School Teacher at Yuen Long Primary School, HONG KONG
2011 – 2013 – Kindergarten Teacher at Tsuen Wan Our Lady Kindergarten, HONG KONG
2011 – 2013 – Kindergarten Teacher at Annunciation Catholic Kindergarten, HONG KONG
2011 – 2012 – Private Tutor of English, HONG KONG
2012 – Summer School Teacher at St. Timothy Primary School, HONG KONG
2012 – Summer School Teacher at St. Andrew’s Primary School, HONG KONG
2012 – 2013 – Primary School Teacher in St. Francis Primary School, HONG KONG
2012 – 2013 – Welcome Assistant for Internations Events, HONG KONG
2011 – 2013 – Column Writer for Glentoran Gazette, Belfast, NORTHERN IRELAND
2013 – Travel Itinerary Provider for Vadovia, ONLINE
2013 – Travel Expert and Adviser for Think Places, ONLINE
2013 – Featured Writer for We Blog The World, ONLINE
2013 – Featured Writer on Numerous Travel Sites (Including Essential Travel and Asia Rooms), ONLINE
2007 – date – Professional Travel Writer and Blogger on Don’t Stop Living – A Lifestyle of Travel

Here is the full list of actual companies I have worked for in my working career:

Abbey View Nursing Home

Annunciation Catholic Kindergarten

Apple Inc

Bournemouth Amusements Arcade

Bournemouth Pier Cafe
Condor ferries

St. Patrick’s Primary School
Tiger Beer
Travelling Hong Kong Girl
Travelling Northern Ireland Flag