Jonny Blair – The Business Backpacker

March 22, 2014

My name is Jonny Blair and I am a business backpacker. While I still travel the world on a tight backpacking budget, I work for myself online these days as well as with a load of other travel sites and apps. While my niche is in budget backpacking, I have also written about football, music, lifestyle design, luxury backpacking (flashpacking) and digital nomadery. I currently live in Poland and am known locally as the Northern Irishman in Poland.

business backpacking jonny blair

Jonny Blair – The Business Backpacker

Through becoming a business backpacker I have been able to finance my travels entirely through my online projects, working for myself and other companies online as I travel the world.

My stories have featured on over 200 different websites in the last 5 years. I work online for myself and a number of travel and media companies as a business backpacker and professional travel blogger and writer.

In order to be a business backpacker you need to work hard, budget well, travel the world and the most important thing – internet access. I need to be constantly online these days as I travel the world.

If any of you reading are interested in how backpacking can become a business, please get in touch with me through my Contacts page.

Safe travels and don’t work too hard,

Jonny Blair

Jonny Blair - the Business Backpacker

Jonny Blair – the Business Backpacker

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