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March 21, 2014

Online Media Appearances – Jonny Blair

This is a list of my entire online media appearances for sites other than those I own. I have featured on over 130 different websites in the last 5 years. I work online for myself and a number of travel and media companies as a business backpacker and professional travel blogger and writer.

business backpacker jonny blair

Jonny Blair – the Business Backpacker working online in China.



2nd – Appeared on the daily Iraqi Kurdistan newsletter on my post about getting a visa for Kurdistan.

2nd – Appeared on the Love Affair Travel Website with a link to my latest travel interview from Yerevan in Armenia (this also appeared on iTunes and as an online Podcast)

2nd – Appeared on the Kerala website as a contestant in their Win a Trip to India competition.

4th – Featured as one of the top posts from December 2013 on Sam and Zab’s Indefinite Adventure site.

6th – I’m interviewed on Allan Wilson’s site Live Less Ordinary where he describes me as The Best Travel Blogger in the World.

7th – Three of my articles on backpacking in Iraq are featured on the site

7th – Contributed to an article on staying safe in South America on Sam and Zab’s Indefinite Adventure site: Safety in South America.

8th – A few of my articles are featured on Travel Iraqi Kurdistan website including my report on Amadiya.

10th – Interviewed as an inspiring traveller on Mapping Megan – Inspiring Traveler – Jonny Blair

10th – Featured on Alexandra’s Cool Site Travel Fashion Girl – Interview with Male Traveler Jonny Blair

11th January – Interviewed on Mighty Travels: Interview with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

15th – Featured on an article about workers on Overseas Job Centre Workers of the World page

22nd – Featured on Wanderlust Wednesdays on Used York in an article called 10 Bloggers Share Their Most Anticipated Trip of 2014.

24th – Featured on a series about Beers around the World on eTramping: Beers Around the World – Petra in Jordan.

30th – Featured as the Thursday Traveller on Amanda’s Site A Dangerous Business: Thursday Traveler – Jonny Blair from Don’t Stop Living


8th – My Travel Podcast and interview appears on Love Affair Travel: Jonny Blair unstoppable travel Mindset

8th – View my Travel Podcast on iTunes from Apple: Jonny Blair Travel Podcast iTunes

17th – My meal in Kurdistan, Iraq is included in an article on Backpack Me Around the World in 80 Dishes

21st – My weeding in Tasmania post and idea is included on Rudolph Musngu’s site 10 Cool Job Titles

27th – My tickets for Oasis gigs in 1996 and 1997 plus a short report are included in an awesome “12 Moments of Nostalgia in Ireland’s Love Affair with Oasis” post on Daily Edge.


5th – Featured on Zofia’s site The Piktures on Ex Pat Wednesdays – Jonny Blair in Hong Kong

10th – Interview on the Curious Nomad Website: How They Did It, Meet Traveller Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

21st – I compiled an Iraq Travel Guide for Boots’n’All



9th – Shockingly my article on doing a shit in a broccoli field makes it onto “Tent Camping Fun”: Doing a Shit in a Broccoli Field

11th – Nominated for a Shorty Award: Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

Ongoing from January 2013 – Writer and Blogger on We Blog the World: We Blog the World – Jonny Blair


2nd – Guest Post on Almost Fearless Backpackers about Antarctica: Visiting the British Base at Port Lockroy, Antarctica by Jonny Blair

3rd – Guest Post on Teach English Travel Overseas on Teaching English in Hong Kong: Teaching English in Hong Kong – Interview with Jonny Blair

21st – Guest Post on Santa Fe Travelers: A Wee Guide to Northern Ireland by Jonny Blair


2nd – Article on Antarctica on Inspiring Travellers Arrival on Antarctic Mainland

10th – Featured on the DFR (Double F**king Rainbow) as an awesome site: The DFR

18th – Interview on Getting Stamped: Meet a Traveler – Jonny from Don’t Stop Living

31st – Nominated for a Super Sweet Blogging Award on Accelerated Stall


3rd – Listed on The Working Traveller in the post Travel Blogging Until They Die

4th – Guest Post Short Travel Tips on my arrival in Antarctica: Epic Arrival on Antarctic Mainland by Jonny Blair

8th – Interview for The Professional Hobo on A Week in the Life of Jonny Blair

17th – My photo from the top of Mount Kinabalu is featured as the first “Wordless Wednesday” on Accelerated Stall: Wordless Wednesday – Mount Kinabalu

19th – Interview for Teaching Travel on Travel, Teaching in Hong Kong and being Northern Irish, From RTW Travel (Even Antarctica!) to Teaching in Hong Kong

26th – Interview about my home country on Uniquely Northern Ireland: Interview with Northern Irish Blogger Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living


3rd – Interview on “The Travel Ten” on Gotta Keep Movin’ : The Travel Ten – Jonny from Don’t Stop Living

9th – Interview for Victoria of Pommie Travels on “Travel Bloggers Who Rock”: Travel Bloggers Who Rock – Jonny from Don’t Stop Living

18th – Included in Tripologist’s Pick of the Week for my Doing Antarctica on the Cheap Story

19th – Interview for Flip Nomad in his “Meet The Nomads” series: Meet the Nomads – Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

23rd – Guest Post on Suitcase Stories on the Best Things to do in Northern Ireland: The Best Things to do in Northern Ireland by Jonny Blair

27th – Interview with Adam Finan – The Tropical Nomad: Interesting Interviews – Jonny of Don’t Stop Living

29th – Guest Post on We Said Go Travel on top 5 things to do in Deception Island: Top 5 Things to See and Do in Deception Island, Antarctica

31st – Guest Post on eTramping on 10 Reasons to Visit Antarctica: 10 Reasons to Visit Antarctica

From May 2013 – Contributed Articles to TripGoggles: China Rice Fields


3rd – Interview for the Grown Up Gap Year: If We Can Do It So Can You with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

4th – Contibutor to Essential with an article called 10 Ways to Organise a Budget

6th – A guide to getting a Chinese Visa on Visa Nerd: A Guide to Getting A Chinese Visa in Hong Kong

11th – Interview with Dave and Vicky on A Couple Travelers: Interview with Jonny Blair

19th – Interview on My Destination: Big Blogger Interview – Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

25th – Featured for my advice on saving money on internet and Wi-Fi usage on Round the World Expenses: Essential Tips to find free wi-fi or internet service

25th – Interviewed on Almost Fearless Backpackers: Tuesday Talks with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

26th – My Happiness Story on Adam Pervez’s site Happiness Plunge: Stories of Happiness Pursuers – Jonny of Don’t Stop Living

28th – Included in Nomadic Samuel’s Top 100 Travel Blogs – Don’t Stop Living in at 96 on Alexa.

29th – Signed up and posting articles for Trip Goggles: Trip Goggles


1st – Featured Travel Expert on Think Places: Travel Experts – Jonny Blair

10th – Interviewed on Santa Fe Travelers: Meet the Travel Bloggers – Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

12th – My Working Wednesdays feature is included on Francsa’s WordPress Page: 12 Phrases that mean Big Travel Savings

17th – Interviewed on Mo Saffer: Get Inspired – Interview With Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

19th – I am interviewed by The Good Web Guide: How Travel Changed My Life

19th – I wrote an article on China for Asia Rooms: 5 Unusual World Heritage Sites in China

22nd – I wrote and article for Ian at Borderless Travels on 5 Incredible Activities You Shouldn’t Miss in Antarctica

23rd – Interviewed on the Globetrotting Canuck: A Fellow Traveller – Jonny from Don’t Stop Living

From July 2013 onwards – Featured Itinerary Writer on


4th – Interviewed on Clover Signs Blog: Signs of a Real Irish Pub

14th – Interviewed on Super Nerdo: Funding my Travels – Jonny of Don’t Stop Living

16th – Included in a list of Blogs that want to interview you on The Working Traveller

16th – Interviewed on Go Power Kick: Today’s Traveler – Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

21st – Guest Post on Wanderlust Wednesdays: Travel Talk – Backpacking in Antarctica

22nd – Interview on Oh Hey World! Inspiring Travelers: Travel Inspiration – an interview with Jonny Blair

22nd – Interview on RiteSim Sim Card Website: We chat with Jonny from the Don’t Stop Living Blog

22nd – Contestant in a competition to travel the world for free: Travel the world for free Jonny Blair

23rd – Featured on the Working Traveller: Worldwide Worker Jonny Blair teaching English in Hong Kong and other jobs abroad

26th – Guest Post on Living That: 5 Things to see and do in Northern Ireland

27th – Guest Post on the Easy Hiker: Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge in China

29th – Featured on Essential with 5 other travel bloggers: The Truth Behind Travel Blogging

29th – Interview on a World To Travel: 50 Jobs on the Road with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

29th – Interview in Espanol (Spanish) on Mindful Travel By Sara: Entrevista viajera con Jonny Blair de Don’t Stop Living

29th – Interview in English on Mindful Travel By Sara: Travel Interview with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

29th – Guest Post on Mapping Megan: Arrival in Barrientos Antarctica by Jonny Blair

30th – Mentioned on We Said Go Travel for the interview with Lisa and George.


1st – Featured on Visislife: 7 Continents, over 70 countries and a life of travel with Jonny Blair

1st – Included on Blogs I Still Bother Reading on Jarrlemen’s Blog.

2nd – Contributed to an article on Renegade Travels: Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?

9th – Featured on BBC Northern Ireland online based on my travels around the world with my Northern Ireland flag: Bangor man travels the world with Northern Ireland flag.

13th – Featured as a Guest Writer on Travel Wonders with my article on: 5 Off the Beaten Track World Heritage Sites in China

14th – Featured on Young Pioneer Tours Website for my review of the Mass Games on National Day: Jonny Blair’s review of Mass Games

19th – I wrote a Guest Post for Top 10 Things to do: Top 10 Things to see and do in Belfast, Northern Ireland

25th – Featured on My Morning Routine, sharing how I spend my mornings: Jonny Blair’s Morning Routine.

26th – Featured on Backpack Me’s Travel Blog Exchange.

27th – Interviewed on Travel Blogger Interviews: Interview with travel blogger Jonny Blair

30th – I nominated the Northern Irish Ulster Fry in this post by Agness and Cez at Breakfasts From Around the World


4th – Interviewed on Travel Buzz: Interview with Jonny Blair

4th – Guest article on After Globe: A Weekend in Belfast, Northern Ireland by Jonny Blair

7th – Travel Blogger Interview on Backpacks and Bunkbeds: Jonny Blair Travel Blogger at A Lifestyle of Travel

8th – Travel Writer Interview with Kristin Mok: A Conversation with Jonny Blair

11th – A few of my job tips for travelling the world are featured on the Working Traveller: Workers of the World

13th – A conversation with the guys at Travel Writing 2.0 Blog: A Conversation with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

14th – Travel Blogger Interview on the DFR Blog (Double Fu#king Rainbow): Blogger Talk – Don’t Stop Living

19th – Featured in the Bournemouth University Alumni Magazine online PDF (also appeared in print), talking about backpacking, travelling and working: Jonny Blair in Bournemouth University Magazine

21st – “The 5 Easiest Jobs to Travel With” wins Blog of the Week on Wanderlust: 5 Easiest Jobs to Travel With.

25th – Featured on an Azerbaijan Website thanks to my recent story on the Mud Volcanoes Near Baku: Silkyway Travel Blog – Mud Volcanoes

28th – Featured on Asia Rooms as a blog of the month: Best blogs of the month on Asia Rooms – Don’t Stop Living

28th – Nominated in the Babble Top 100 Travel Bloggers of 2013: Best Travel Blogs Jonny Blair

28th – Interviewed on Next Stop Who Knows: Travel Tales with Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living

29th – Featured Travel Expert on Tripoto: Jonny Blair on Tripoto

31st – Featured on Jewish Heritage for a video from Bethlehem University.


6th – Finished in the Top 5 Newcomers Category on Asia Rooms 2013 Blog Awards: Jonny Blair on Asia Rooms

6th – Interview on Suitcase Stories: Interview with a Traveler – Jonny at Don’t Stop

13th – Included on a Feature on weird foods on A Luxury Travel Blog: 10 More of the World’s Weirdest Foods Eaten By Travel Bloggers

14th – Article on the Global Grasshopper on China: 10 off the Beaten Track Spots in China by Jonny Blair of Don’t Stop Living.

18th – Interview on Relaxing Travel on Soothed in the City: Chilled Travel with Travel Blogger Jonny Blair


6th – My article on “Broccoli Fields Forever” is featured on the Working Traveller’s Workers of the World Post

13th – Featured on Digital Mint’s Top 100 Travel Blogs

13th – Article on We Said Go Travel on my trip to Hebron: Two Sides of Hebron, Palestine

14th – Featured on a list of 50 Awesome Travel Blogs on Want to

27th – I contributed to an article on Coffees of the World on

27th – My post on holding two passports was shared on the Friday Link Round up on Go Click Travel



17th – Interview for No Place To Be series “Meet a Random Traveller: Jonny from Don’t Stop Living


5th – Guest Article on Backpacking Spirit: A Peek into a Backpackers Journal – Antarctica – Foyn Harbour and Cuverville Island

12th – “How to Do Australia on the Cheap” wins Travel Blog of the Week on Wanderlust: “How to Travel Australia on the Cheap


– Article on Watching Hong Kong v. North Korea on the Unofficial Football World Championship Website: “My First UFWC Match


October: Interview for No Place To Be series “Meet a Random Traveller: Jonny Blair

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  1. The Guy says: September 12, 2014

    Wow Jonny you’ve been a busy fella. And you still churn out content for your site almost daily. You are prolific.

    • Jonny Blair says: October 10, 2014

      Thanks the Guy – took me a while to reply to this message though!! Hope you’re well. Safe travels. Jonny


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