Quick Facts About South Dakota

July 29, 2017

Quick Facts About South Dakota

South Dakota is located in the Midwest part of the United States. It is bordered by the states Minnesota and Iowa to the east, North Dakota to the north, Montana and Wyoming to the west and Nebraska to the south. The state was named after Native America tribes, the Lakota and Dakota. Most of the land here is rural. The capital of South Dakota is Pierre. The largest city in South Dakota is Sioux Falls, the home for approximately 150,000 people. The overall population of the state is estimated to be 775,993 people. South Dakota is also the home to the well-known Mt Rushmore.


The top ten cities in South Dakota are Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Watertown, Brookings, Mitchell, Pierre, Yankton, Huron and Vermilion. The populations for these cities range between 9,862 (Vermilion) and 142,396 (for Sioux Falls). There are a total of 66 counties in South Dakota. The capital is located in Hughes County and Sioux Falls is in Minnehaha County.

Quick Facts About South Dakota

The average summer temperatures in South Dakota are between 60 degrees (at night) and 90 degrees. There are times when the state has high temperatures (above 100 degrees) causing severe hot droughts and dry spells. There is about 25 inches of annual rains, the highest being 30 inches in Lawrence County. Thunder storms, hail, and severe high winds are also weather habits in South Dakota. The winters are very cold, sometimes hitting below 10 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the state.


In 2006, the state’s Gross State Product was $32.3 billion. The state’s per capita income was $26,894 in the year 2004, ranking it 37th in the nation. The rate of unemployment here was 3 percent in 2007. The largest contribution to the state’s economy is the service industry, which includes health care, retail and finance.


There are a total of 703 public schools located throughout 168 districts. This gives the state the largest amount of educational institutions per capita in the U.S. The graduation rate is 89.9 percent with an average score of 21.8 on the ACT; this is slightly above America’s average, which is 21.1.


There are two national parks in South Dakota, the Badlands National Park and the Wind Cave National Park, both of which are located in the southwest portions of the state. The Badlands Park was created in 1978; here visitors can find grasslands and eroded landscapes with bright colors. In 1903, the Wind Cave Park was created. It is located in the Black Hills where many cave networks can be found. A herd of bison also inhabits its lands. Mt Rushmore is located in this park also, attracting a large number of residents each year. The Lois and Clark National Historic Trail is managed by the National Park Service, along with some other historical sites.


  • South Dakota’s nicknames are “the Mt Rushmore state” and “the sunshine state”.
  • The population of South Dakota ranks 46th in the nation.
  • The four major land regions of South Dakota are the Drift Prairie, Great Plains, Black Hills and the Dissected Till Plains.


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