My First Ever Travel Blog: School Trip to the Netherlands 1991

March 10, 2015

You might have seen my social media updates on my main site, Twitter and Facebook about this release of my first ever travel blog, so here it is in a post on here to explain a bit more. As I head to my 100th country this month, I wanted to get my first ever travel blog released to get it out of the way. The book is 24 years old. The book was written by me back in 1991 on my first ever journey away from Northern Ireland without my parents as I embarked on a school trip to the Netherlands.

My First Ever Travel Blog from 1991

My First Ever Travel Blog from 1991


The book is a short 26 page account of that first journey, containing the original text from my first ever hand written travel blog, photos from the original book and my reflections now as an adult, 24 years on. The book was written in April and May 1991 when I was just 11 years old. At the time it was written into an old school notebook and has now been published digitally for the first time in March 2015, when I’m now 34 years old.

The reason for the release of this, my first ever travel blog, is because I wanted to do things in order, so I’m releasing my first ever travel blog first and later there will be the bigger and better book that has been a long time coming. This is just a mini taster. Anyone interested in buying it, I have it on sale for $5.99 through and

I hope you enjoy this ahead of the 100 country journey book which will be released later in the year.


About the Product:

My First Ever Travel Blog is Jonny Blair’s first ever travel diary, dating back to a school trip to the Netherlands in 1991 when Jonny was just 11 years old. It is a short eBook with text lifted directly from the hand written diary that Jonny made back in 1991 when he left Northern Ireland without his parents or family for the first time.

The story details Jonny’s five day trip to the Netherlands, the first trip that set Jonny off on this mighty fine journey around the planet. In the book Jonny also reflects on his time in the Netherlands in 1991 and how that trip influenced his wanderlust and desire to go on a journey through over 100 countries. A journey which he currently documents on his travel blog “Don’t Stop Living”.

You can buy my latest e-Book book now, through Pay Pal on e-junkie. Here’s the link:

Jonny Blair’s First Ever Travel Blog from 1991

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* You can also become an affiliate of the book, whereby any sale registered from a click on your site gets 50% of the sales.

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