Coolest Quirky Travel Tips for the Long Term Backpacker

November 9, 2017

When you get to travel as much as I do, all over the world, you sometimes can’t keep track of time. That means, you forget what day it is, what week…and you can imagine how often it happens for me to forget when my mum’s birthday is, or my mates and so on. These happened for a few years now, so I decided this year I will make a difference.

Perpetual tourist

I set a reminder on my phone with a couple of days before my friend’s birthday, because I decided to surprise her with a small gift  and make up for her for this last couple of years when I even forgot to make a phone call to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Even though I was travelling, during that time of the year, I made all the arrangements online. I had arranged for her to receive in the morning  a huge bouquet of white roses ( as I know they are her favourite) and also a laser hair removal machine, that I know she wanted for a long time.

This year I am sure she will not be disappointed on me. She will be amazed and happy to know her son still thinks of her, even thought he is not there to tell her in person.

Backpacking the world

I hope to do more of thee small gestures to the loved ones, at least one time per year. Not necessarily to send them gifts but to make the time to let them know I still care for them and think of them, even thought I am not there physically.

Traveling all over the world can be hectic and is hard to try to keep in touch all the time with the people you care,  but with a little help from technology, you can get more organised and you can do it.

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